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Wednesday / August 17.
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Anti-Trump Seminar Caller Hilariously Exposed

You know right from the start that a caller to a radio show is a seminar caller when they start off identifying themselves as a “lifelong” Republican or that they have been a Republican all their life. One such caller was hilariously exposed by Steve Kane and his co-host Brian Craig on the Steve Kane Radio show on September 24, 2021. This clip is yet another example of why the Steve Kane Radio Show is the longest running radio show (44+ years) of any kind in the state of Florida. BTW, you don’t have to live in South Florida to listen to the Steve Kane Radio Show from 6 to 9 AM weekdays since it is available via iHeartRadio (AM 1470 WWNN Radio). Oh, and Brian also reveals just what incredible influence the show has on the media. It ain’t braggin’ if you are doing it. Steve Kane Radio Show is also available on YouTube via Brian Craig’s channel:

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  • Trump DOES use a computer. Your ‘smartphone’ is actually a computer with a phone app! When did Kellyanne Conway get convicted?! When did Reince Priebus? DemocRATs are born to lie. It comes as naturally to them as breathing does to us.

  • LOL, This guy that call you is a major loser to be doing this for a living. Just shows how scare and freak out the democrats are. Their finally being exposed for what they really are. Un American and crooked beyond saving.

  • Maby you need a couple more drinks, before making a FOOL of yourself on a radio show?

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