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Friday / July 1.
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Bongino: What does it mean to live free?

As you watch and listen to Dan’s wise words, remember that Dan Bongino does as he is told by his own big brother Fox News. Fox takes direct orders from the Deep State. What’s the difference then when Dan himself will not talk about 2000 Mules on Fox? Or Voter fraud? Hmmm, same with Tucker.  They seem to be on our side, but at the same time go along with it all. Not blaming them. Their compliance or Dan loses his job. Tucker loses what, 20 million dollars?  So as they hold their tongue, American freedom is dripping away. We will know for sure by 2024 as we will then have two full elections and what we do about them, behind us.  – Sgt Pat

‘Unfiltered’ host Dan Bongino discusses the illusion of privacy in Saturday’s opening monologue.

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