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Sunday / August 7.
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Everything About The Pandemic Response Made No Sense

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  • I strongly believe that, if you were vaccinated with the Covid vaccines, you have been poisoned, plain and simple. More and more evidence on that is coming out in the VAERS database statistics, the now numerous websites of the vaccine injured telling their horrible stories of what happened to them, and the trickle of doctors, PAs, and nurses speaking out in alarm. The Truth Volcano is simmering but it will blow. We are on the cusp of the greatest medical disaster in history. There already have been over 25,000 deaths reported in VAERS from the Covid vaccines, representing 1% of the actual total. There are hundreds of thousands vaccine injuries, many debilitating and permanent. If you were vaccinated and had no side effects call yourself lucky, But unfortunately the effects can show up later, 1, 5, 10 years plus later. The evidence of this is coming out worldwide. It will come an unstoppable torrent that will be heard.

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