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Thursday / May 26.
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Seriously – Here’s How Things Got To This Point – Mark Dice Vid

Reuters fired data scientist for criticizing myths peddled by BLM – Liberty Unyielding

WaPo Fact Checker: Anger over baby formula sent to illegal immigrants when America’s store shelves are bare is ‘ridiculous faux outrage’ – The Blaze

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Breaks Silence After Roe Decision Leak – Conservative Brief

That Sinking Feeling – Burning Platform

Long Congealed Clots Up To 4 Feet Long: Embalmers, Doctors, And Scientists Are Noticing Something Weird [VIDEO] – Red Voice Media

Switchblade: The Drone Putin Fears (And A Game-Changer For Ukraine?) – 19 Forty Five

Presidential Fear Factor on Steroids – Liberty Loft

The 2020 election was stolen: Here is the evidence – WND – Liberty Loft

Joe Rogan Embarrasses People Angry About the Term “Groomer” In Latest Rant – Red State

Rogan with a knock-out punch against those upset at being called ‘Groomers’

How Zuckerberg Used a Tax-Exempt Foundation to Help Biden Fix the 2020 Election – Frontpage Mag

President Trump Thanks Joe Biden for Crowning him the ‘Great MAGA King’ – National File

My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation: Rand Paul objects and delays $40 billion Ukraine package, forces Chuck Schumer to respond –  My Daily Freedom

ICYMI: Elon Musk sends ‘If I die’ message, now people are speculating if it’s fear of Russia or the Clinton family – My Daily Freedom

SELLERS: The Most Trumpian Candidate of 2022 Is the One Trump Snubbed 0 Headline News

It looks like Biden’s new Minister of Truth will need to take action against the Lincoln Project and Nikki Fried for this fake DeSantis 2024 email – Twitchy

Watters: The woke are facing a revolt (posted on top 5/13)

Panic Buying Frenzy Push Supply Chains To A Breaking Point As Supermarkets Scramble With Shortages (video)

Australian State Passes Law BANNING Growing Your Own Food – Principia Scientific

Jim Jordan Breaks Silence, Fires Back At Liz Cheney: “Breaking every precedent, every norm we have that keeps our separate, equal branches of government operating the way they’re supposed to” – Slay News

Kristi Noem Deals BLow To Lisa Murkowski, Officially Endorses Kelly Tshibaka For US Senate In Alaska – Slay News

Grandfather Arrested After Attempted Exorcism Led To Death Of 3-Year-Old Granddaughter – Daily Wire

Police conducting welfare check find elderly woman died after falling into her septic tank – The Blaze

F-14 Tomcat: Iran Is Flying The Same Plane Tom Cruise Flew In Top Gun – 19 Forty Five

BLM Privilege: Federal Prosecutors Seek Lenient Sentences for Molotov Cocktail Lawyers – Legal Insurrection

BLM Privilege: Federal Prosecutors Seek Lenient Sentences for Molotov Cocktail Lawyers

Convicted Killer On the Loose After Stabbing Prison Bus Driver and Escaping in Rural Texas – Western Journal

American Veteran in Defense of Liberty and Freedom – News with Views

Umbrella Tree – News With Views

Not a joke: A child sex abuse prevention center has hired a disgraced professor who believes pedophiles should be rebranded as “minor-attracted persons” – Not The Bee

Are there Americans so brainwashed they will never recover? – WND

WOKEists Are Losing All Manner of Loyal Dems – They’re That Crazy – Independent Sentinel

Biden’s Stupid Twitter Poster – Independent Sentinel

Congress Plans to Do Its Job Next Week – Lew Rockwell


Media Outlets Show Their Bias on Abortion – Daily Signal

Clay Travis And Senator Rand Paul Take No Prisoners – Outkick

Erdogan Says Turkey Does Not Support Sweden, Finland Joining NATO – National File

DEADLY STUNT : Horror moment holidaymaker wife films husband perform fatal ‘tombstone’ leap from 100ft Majorca clifftop near Magaluf – The Sun

Randy Weaver, Separatist Whose Family Was Massacred by FBI at Ruby Ridge, Dies at 74 – Information Liberation

Expert: China Is Harvesting Organs from up to 50,000 Concentration Camp Victims Annually – Breitbart

Samsung Set To Imminently Hike Semiconductor Prices By 20% – ZeroHedge

The ‘Clinton Body Count’ Keeps Growing As Another Clinton Associate With Ties To Epstein Ends Up Mysteriously Dead – But Go Back To Sleep, There’s Nothing To See Here – All News Pipeline

Shallow, Nasty, and Partisan: Tucker slams Jen Psaki, says her replacement will be even worse – My Daily Freedom

US Navy scraps NINE anti-submarine warships that cost $3.2 billion to make – some under three years old – because their technology is already obsolete – Daily Mail

Is a Social Credit System Coming for Us? – Burning Platform

Liberal attacks on Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn our Constitution – CDN

Fast clip: Why Does Joe Biden Always Look So Confused?

Daily Conservative Political Memes – Liberty Nation

Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2000 Mules’ Movie, Alleging Voter Fraud, Seen By 1 Million People And Grossed Over $10 Million, So Far – Truth Tent

Trevor Loudon On Why He Came To America & The Enemies Inside & Outside The American Church (Video) – Washington Standard

Is Biden Manufacturing An Energy Crisis? – Liberty Nation

Joe Biden’s Crooked FBI Labels Parents Who Speak Against School Boards ‘Terrorists’ – Conservative Firing Line

New York Times Apologizes for Wordle of the Day – Frontpage Mag

18% Say the US Is Going in the Right Direction – Independent Sentinel

The DISASTER that is the Democrat Party and Biden Admin even has Good Morning America sounding the alarm on gas prices and baby food…  Fast clips 

Bette Midler Makes Snarky Comment About Baby Formula Shortage, Immediately Gets Obliterated – Chad Prather

Violence breaks out at funeral for slain Al Jazeera journalist – Washington Examiner

News links rotated away from Whatfinger’s homepage on 5/13/2022 – all posted today…

Winsome Sears: This is mob rule. Will Virginia step up and deffend Supreme Court homes?

Fast clip: EU Will Scrap Mask Mandate For Air Travel

Fast clip: NBC: Americans Say They’re “Surprised & Shocked” By Rising Prices, “Only Buying … On Sale”

Fast clip: ABC: Gas Up An “Astronomical 46.9%” Since Last Year As Food, Shelter, Airfare, Vehicle Prices Surge

What do socialist progressives really want? The depopulation of the world. – CDN

MSNBC: Record Gas Prices Under Joe Biden Hitting Rural Communities Especially Hard

County’s 2022 PrideFest will include a ‘Kiddie Korner’ with ‘drag kids dress up’ (and affirming books) – Twitchy


U.S. Treasury’s Yellen says Fed can bring down inflation without causing recession (This woman so far has ALWAYS been wrong. Recession is now expected next year and she will lie like a rug next year about it all…) – 

EXCLUSIVE: Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes Releases First Statement from Alexandria Prison to The Gateway Pundit – Feds Are Threatening Life in Prison (AUDIO) – Gateway Pundit

Former Kamala Harris Staffer Bombs In MSNBC Debut – Free State Daily

I Want to Give Liberals a Break. I Cannot – Granite Grok

Trump Warns Pennsylvania Voters Not to Vote for Kathy Barnette – Todd Starnes

Environmental Extremism And Political Tribalism Emboldened Putin – The Lid

Pelosi Pushes Democratic Bill That Would Give Biden Power To Control Gas Prices – Daily Wire

New York Democrats push for men to be housed in women’s prisons based solely on self-ID – Post Millennial

California Refuses to Give Up ‘Woke Math’ – California Globe

Israel’s Mossad says it stopped Iranian plot to assassinate US general – New York Post

Exclusive–Trump’s ICE Chief: Joe Biden Deporting 1 Illegal Alien for Every 100 Illegal Aliens Crossing Border – Breitbart

Entertainment: Pages and Pages of Sexy Ladies – no nudity large photos – sent to us by readers. We had to put them somewhere…  Whatfinger Entertainment

Russia threatens ‘full-fledged nuclear war’ with NATO – American Military News

Firefighters can now find the victim faster and easier with this AR helmet. – Fast clip – Whatfinger Sci-Tech

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