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Saturday / June 25.
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Page 2 of Whatfinger News 5/14/2022

Jerusalem: Mourners carrying the coffin of a Christian Palestinian-American journalist out of St Joseph’s hospital nearly dropped it after Israeli riot police rushed in. – Whatfigner Clips

GOP Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette Repeatedly Misrepresented Military Service, Records Show – Liberty Unyielding

“Does the White House consider this [baby formula shortage] a crisis?” Biden Communications Director: Nah – fast clip at Whatfinger Vids

This Houston mom had to go THREE HOURS to find baby formula. – WF Clips

I’ve been warning about this Inflation crisis since Biden took office. – Trump’s man Steve Cortes – clip at Whatfinger

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” czar loves to spread her own ‘disinformation.’ – MRC clip at Whatfinger

Russia warns that it would be a ‘mistake’ for Finland and Sweden to join NATO – BBC World Vid at Whatfinger

Russian Forces Continue To Lose Troops, Equipment, And Territory – Liberty Nation

America Without Roe: Abortion Laws Across The States – Part IVV – Liberty Nation

We’re Now Witnessing A Confluence And Escalation Of Events Occurring At Hypersonic Speed… All News Pipeline

Dem TX State Rep.: There Are ‘Over 100,000 Migrants’ Waiting for Title 42 to End – Breitbart

White House Tries to Play Clean-up on Disgraceful Vaccine Lie, Manages to Make Matters Worse – iOTW Report

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Attacks Joe Biden for Spreading Misinformation on Twitter – Big League Politics

Debbie Dooley: Turnout Numbers Encouraging in Georgia Primary Election

Episode 1,856 – Races In Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina – War Room

Woman Being Kidnapped Fears for Life Until Driver Notices and Pulls Over: ‘God, You Sent Me an Angel’ – Western Journal

The Who’s Terrifying Power Grab Of the Sovereignty of 194 Nations – Independent Sentinel

BMW’s self-driving motorcycle is insane! Meet the BMW ConnectedRide.

5 Gadgets for an elevated bathroom experience. Pretty cool, I want a couple…

Humor-Satire: WAL-MART FREAKS OF THE WEEK – Burning Platform

Abbott Refutes White House Attempt To Blame It For Biden Baby Formula Fiasco0 – Legal Insurrection

Clarence Thomas Fires Back at Leaker, Slams Protesters: ‘Tremendously Bad’ – Slay News

“Minor Attracted Person” Advocate Hired By Johns Hopkins Center Against Child Sexual Abuse – Free State Daily

More than 7,000 concrete dominoes tumble in 30-minute 1.6 mile toppling to mark opening of festival – Daily Mail

America Without Roe: Abortion Laws Across The States – Part IV – Liberty Nation

Video: White Kid Bangs On Black Neighbor’s Door While Holding A Whip, Then His Father Joins Him With A Gun Which Accidentally Goes Off – USA Supreme

TENSIONS RISING: Finland’s president sends ‘direct’ message about NATO on Putin call – Fox Business

The American Pre-Tribulation Rapture (Isaiah 18) – News with Views

Humor-Satire: damn! You can use your own cell phone for this one – WF Humor clips

Humor-Satire: The perfect crime – fast clip at WF Humor

These watercraft have modular swivel seat, built-in cooler, fish finder and more to change your sport fishing experience. – Whatfinger Fast 1 min Clip

Is The Fried Chicken Sandwich, The New Hamburger? – Right Wire Report

America’s Marxists Working To Abolish The Family – And Magazine (from 5/13, posted 5/14)

Manchin plans to deliver Democrats another political loss (video) – My Daily Freedom

Fast clip: Man working register notices suspicious customer, fends off would-be robber best way possible – My Daily Freedom

This is what America Last looks like: GOP Rep. angry about ‘pallets’ of baby formula at border facilities as American babies suffer shortage – My Daily Freedom

“I Can’t Explain it,” Biden Called Out for Lying About COVID by CNN & Dr. Fauci!?? – We Love Trump

President Trump Thinks There’s Something Really “Fishy” Going On With Elon’s Twitter Purchase

Video of that incident at BLM founder’s mansion…. that she lied about re: Candace Owens– here are the clips… lol – Fast clip – General Dispatch

U.S. Misery Index: No End in Sight to the Misery of the Biden Economy – PJ Media

Elon Gives a Tip on How to Dodge Twitter’s Censorship. Here’s What You Should Do – Trending Politics

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Health Journalist Revealed the Real Purpose of Masks in 2018: Fear – Trending Politics

What We Can Do About The WHO Pandemic Treaty? With James Roguski & Maria Zee – Red Voice Media

Imagine 300 rioters stopped the funeral train for your daughter and ripped her coffin out of the hearse as a publicity stunt. Would you call the police? – Not The Bee

Boise School District suspended a student for carrying a gun even though he wasn’t on campus at the time and broke no laws while doing s0 – Not The Bee

The Left Has Been Building its Social Justice Infrastructure in Education for Decades – Legal Insurrection

How the World Health Organization Wants to Control Public Health—And Your Life – American Greatness

Drunk Ukrainian Refugees Who Were Harassing Women Beat A Polish Man To Death Who Tried To Stop Them – Vidmax clip

Milwaukee shooting near Bucks-Celtics game leaves 17 wounded, 10 in custody – Fox News

The Biden Presidency Is Over. We must remember, as a nation, we will get both what we allow and what we deserve – CFP

Is a Venezuelan-Colombian War on the Horizon? A Brazilian Perspective – Organic Prepper

FNC’s Carlson: Joe Biden in ‘No Hurry’ to Fix Baby Formula Shortage Problem – Breitbart

Demolition Men! Gasoline Prices UP 85% Under Biden, Mortgage Rates UP 93.4% Under Powell – Confounded Interest

The Revolution Is Here, But . . . Townhall

The Bizarre, Unanimous Dem Support for the $40b War Package to Raytheon and CIA: “For Ukraine” – Glenn Greenwald (from 5/13)


Possibly Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard Someone Say, Ever – Granite Grok

EXCLUSIVE: No, Jen Psaki, Trump Didn’t Start The DHS ‘Truth Ministry.’ That’s Literal Disinformation – Daily Caller (from 7:07 pm 5/13)

Karine Jean-Pierre has frequent history of accusing things of being racist – New York Post

A Republican Senate Primary Food Fight Just Ramped Up! – Kathy Barnette iTunes interview (Podcast) – she answers everything

The Privilege of Revolutionary BLM Democrats Firebombing Police – Independent Sentinel

“Diesel To Be Rationed On East Coast This Summer”: US Oil Tycoon Drops Major Energy Warning – Gen Z Conservative

The Saga of CNN+ Somehow Manages to Get Even More Hilarious – Red State

BIDENFLATION: National gas price average hits new record high at $4.45 per gallon – Fox Business

Julie Green BANNED From YouTube, Shares Major Update – We Love Trump

Melania Trump: Biden’s ‘Leadership’ to Blame for Baby Formula Shortage – Neon Nettle

Fauci-Funded Lab Director Alerted Wuhan Officials Ahead Of Potential COVID-19 Origins Investigation. – National Pulse

How Effective of an Insult is ‘Ultra-MAGA’? – PJ Media

Loony Actress Andie MacDowell Says Trump’s Victory Caused Her To “Drop Her to Her Knees” On a Film Set – Wayne Dupree

Panic Buying Frenzy Push Supply Chains To A Breaking Point As Supermarkets Scramble With Shortages

Viral Video From The TX Border Will Shake You To Your Core

Woman Won’t Change Seats For Disabled Man – Fast clip

University sued for targeting Christian students over marriage beliefs – The College Fix

Reddit Losers Meltdown Over Trump Appropriating MAGA KING – Salty Cracker Vid (Language Warning)

Declassified Doc REVEALS Direct Saudi Gov 9/11 Connection | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Hannity Under Fire for “Hit Piece” Against PA Senate Candidate Kathy Barnettee – We Love Trump

Kindergartners Reportedly Sent Home with Masturbation Assignment – We Love Trump

Governor Abbott and Border Patrol Council blast Biden for hoarding baby formula at migrant detention centers during a national shortage – Not The Bee

Rumors of Brain Aneurysm, Possible Coup Haunt Chinese President Xi Jinping – Red State

In a hot housing market, is it better to rent or buy? With surging rent and home prices, for home buyers, it’s worth doing the math. – Wall Street Journal clip


ICYMI: On Wednesday, a group of thieves carrying shopping bags casually robbed a CVS in Fresno, Calif. – Fast clip

“Handmaid’s Tale” Protesters Evicted from Club SCOTUS Justice Attends – Breitbart clip

ICYMI: Fauci DEFENDS tyrannical mandates, leaves congressman in STUNNED silence – Fast clip at Whatfinger News

Burgess Owens TACKLES entire Democrat Party over abandoning Black community, Black Conservatives – fast clip at Whatfinger

Whoopi Goldberg asked when LIFE begins live on camera— her answer is so SHOCKING the View is forced to cut to commercial break as audience GASPS – Benny’s title – Clip at Whatfinger

Heartless Chucky SNAPS at reporter, SHOCKS everyone in room when she tells them to “call their doctor” if they can’t find FOOD to feed their baby – fast 20 sec clip of this fool… at Whatfinger

WATCH: Leftist Cenk Uygur GOES BALLISTIC In Unhinged ATTACK On Joe Rogan’s Sexuality…

MTG shuts down hack reporter: “I care about OUR country. Why don’t you care about OUR people?” Fast clip

DEI/woke training videos are helluva trip. – Whatfinger Clips  WTF??? 

So Much For Being Social Justice Warriors… NBA Adds Another Authoritarian Government To List Of Friends – Blue State Conservative

Another massive single group of 100+ are crossing illegally into Eagle Pass, TX – Fast clip – CFP

FLASHBACK: Ukraine Fires Prosecutor Investigating Burisma And Hunter Biden, Transfers Cases To Soros-Controlled NABU For Closure – CD Media

GREAT NEWS – We are shipping pallets of baby formula to the US-Mexico border (Video) – Common Cents Blog (vid from 5/12)

Time running out to stop Biden’s plot to secretly undermine U.S. national sovereignty: But here’s one thing you can do now – Leo Hohmann

Pop Goes the Presidency. Biden Gets Desperate – Washington Free Beacon

Netflix Finds Courage, Tells ‘Woke’ Employees to Pound Sand: ‘Netflix May Not Be the Best Place for You’ – Slay News

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh Criticizes Trump For Barnette Attack – Big League Politics

Hard-Left Stacey Abrams Gets $1 Million from the Pro-Criminal Guy – Independent Sentinel

Gas Prices Just Broke Another Record: How High Could They Go? – CNET

NOT SO SECURE: The effects of inflation on Social Security – Fox Business

Media Slam GOP Candidate for Being Honest About Male/Female Wage Gap – New American

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