Ridiculously Disguised “Undercover” Feds Show Up at March For Life – Whatfinger News' General Dispatch
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Thursday / May 26.
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Ridiculously Disguised “Undercover” Feds Show Up at March For Life

Let the scenes from this video serve as part of the training for undercover feds as to what NOT to do. See, the purpose of being an undercover fed is to not be instantly identifiable as these feds were in their Patriot Front disguises that were so obvious that they might as well have been wearing “FED” signs around their necks. If they want to be at least a little bit believable, these feds should dispense of their dopey matching shields. Also maybe show a bit of variety in their garb so they don’t all wear identical khaki pants and blue jackets. Oh, and showing a bit of variety even applies to body types. If you notice that most protest groups, besides wearing a wide variety of clothing, also have people with potbellies. Something you didn’t see from the Feds at the March For Life who all looked to be in good physical shape. Therefore I recommend, to make it more believable, have at least a dozen of the crew prepare for demonstrations by noshing on lots of cheese cake washed down this thick milkshakes to produce a few plausible chubby body types. So if they were so obvious, what about the people in the video yelling in outrage at the feds. Were they fooled? Well, if you watch and listen carefully, their outrage was a bit too much on the drama queen side which makes me suspect they were also feds who were assigned to make the marching feds look more realistic. Finally, please do try to come up with slogans for the feds to carry and chant that don’t sound so much like stereotypes of what leftists think conservatives are like.

Remember these FBI agents?   lol

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