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Tuesday / August 9.
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Here’s How Bad Australia Has Become

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  • You Aussies need to kill every single member of your government and start over. No mercy, no misses. Kill them all or die as slaves.

    • If they indeed fail to do exactly as you described, then they deserve to be slaves. Freedom is NOT free-of-charge.

    • Exactly – and if you dont have guns then its time to bring axe handles, baseball bats etc. Anything you can get your hands on. There are not enough of them to stop you all. Take your country back and do it now.

  • Where and under what rock do people dig up these punks? Arrogance and stupidity are a very bad mix. You folks need a revolution as well as we do! Get rid of the pompous tyrant and step on him like a cockroach!

    • The same type of going away party that has hosted for Benito Mussolini would no doubt send a clear message to any wanna be tyrants.

  • I do hope the Aussies vote these dictators out of office. If they don’t then suffer as serfs.

    • There is no reason to vote the out. It is time to go throw them out. These are tyrants the same in the US. At some point we are going to have enough and we will take to the streets and throw them all out.

    • Vote? Dominion decides the vote.

  • Leftists are waging WWIII. Every leftist is a criminal. Prisons segregate millions of them. Time for the remaining leftists to be segregated, from their lives if need be.

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