James Woods: Put a fork in #SniffinJoe He’s done. Campaign ender… If we had a real news media that is… More below first vid – Whatfinger News' General Dispatch
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Thursday / June 30.
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James Woods: Put a fork in #SniffinJoe He’s done. Campaign ender… If we had a real news media that is… More below first vid

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  • Ha ha ha! Freaking Biden! He thinks black people should do the “dangerous” jobs so he can stay safe in his basement. And he admits it! Sheesh! Democrats…you can’t make it up…

    • If you ain’t stockin’ my shelves, you ain’t BLACK!

      • Internet prize for the day with this comment!

      • If it’s you who always makes an issue of race, perhaps you ARE the racist.


  • How much more proof do the sheople of this country need?
    It’s beyond me. How the hell he’s even been considered for office of POTUS. Sooner or later, This problem we’re having with the left. Is going to have to be addressed, and dealt with. What they’ve gotten away with is such Horseshit,and such a drain on our society. If they’re all so unhappy. Strip them of they’re citizenry, and send em down the road. We can’t keep putting up with the shitshow.

    • Don’t forget the Islamisists and their hate groups

  • Worst Trojan Horse ever. . .

  • he’s always been a racist. and on all the other issues…jobs, economy, military, ect……funny how the closer we get to election day, the more he sounds like…..TRUMP

    • Doesn’t sound like Mr. Trump at all.
      He sounds like whatever the teleprompter weathervane TELLS him to.
      It’s why he’s ALWAYS had “handlers” next to him, because he’ll ALWAYS run and crap on the sidewalk if let of his leash.
      For the last 40 years.

    • Trump was never a racist until he beat your beloved crooked Killary. You just swallow MSM BS whole, without even looking at or considering what they’re shoving down your gullible gullet.

    • Except everything you think Trump said was taking out of context and spun

  • John: Biden is like the kindly plantation owner, who just believes that the “blacks” are not able to do anything but “pick cotton” stack shelves.

  • Biden = child molester, CRIMEHEAD with a hunter in training to ROB US BLIND. Then Blame Blacks for everything SLIMMY , Demented Biden who has not had a original thought in 50 years.. Get his ass charged under RICO and let him share cell block with his pilot OBAMA(Another Communist ) LO,
    Hillary is still FREE?????????????????? “Demorat ” party should be dismembered with a chain saw preferably with a DULL CHAIN. CHINA is awaiting to enslave America and TREASONOUS BIDEN FAMILY will sell us out.. BARR /DURHAM get off your asses and lock them all up.
    Getting tired of scraping crap off TV SCREEN.
    How does President Trump tolerate the communist SWAMP CREATURES 24/7.
    DEPORABKLES REVOLT on !!-03-2020 OR WAKE up in hell next morning.

  • Biden has been in office for 47 years, in one capacity or another, yet all of a sudden some folks seem to think he is going to swoop in and solve all the problems and have all the answers. News flash…him and his ilk CREATED this mess and Trump is doing a hell of a job fixing things despite the tantrums from the media…the courts…the left AND the right. Hell…the way they portray it is Trump created everything that is strangling our country. It certainly cannot be the sellouts that have been in charge for decades could it. What sickens me is the ignorant idiots that lap their BS up and vote the same incompetents in over and over and over and then are bewildered when they get the same devastating results. Truth be told it really is NOT the politicians fault that they are not the person for the job as that should be evident in their first term. It is the people that vote their incompetent rears back in over and over despite their pathetic job performance.

  • All comments right on! The left has to be eliminated! Cancer to the country! What is wrong w/ the people who support the left?

  • If you let Ceasar teach your children don’t be suprised if they turn into Romans.

  • Hey Joe, have a ‘coloured’ child curl up on your feet while you sleep. This will cure rheumatism! .. Oh, on 2nd thought never mind. I almost forgot you are freak with kids.

  • Imagine the broadcast on MSM if Trump had said the same thing… Our entire justice, political and media systems are in need of a total overhaul/reset.

  • All I can say is if Joe Pinhead Biden and crew get in we deserve whatever we get. Obummer was elected the first time because (well we all know why), but the second time was due to voter stupidity and we got what we deserved. Never underestimate the intelligence of the masses and you will never be shocked…

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