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Wednesday / September 29.
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Restaurant owner who took on CNN live speaks out. ‘Mask Free Zones’ scare the Left

Bravo to this man and anyone who stands up to the tyrants on the Left. California restaurant owner Tony Roman wants your proof of being UN-vaccinated. He took on CNN’s Chris Cuomo about his policies and speaks to Grant Stinchfield about the experience.  THIS is what we need. Patriots speaking up and fighting the Left on their home turf. We are all with this man, are we not?

CNN has long proven itself a propaganda outlet. Daily Caller had this AWESOME video on them mocking Don Lemon – SEE: Don Lemon’s Greatest Hits (Hide your face son, you and CNN are fake news…. clip after clip…)    But there are countless more videos making the point. Here’s but a couple:  VIDEO 1  – VIDEO 2 – but the list goes on and on…  (See massive numbers of videos – CLICK HERE)

Is there any wonder they have lost nearly 75% of their audience since Trump ‘lost’ the election in 2020?  No one respects them and they are now simply ‘state media’ playing their little propaganda games daily now. The old joke of them having their biggest audience was from their contracts with airports, who all forced you to watch them across the nation was almost true.  Now that that contract is no more in most areas, people are not forced to watch them while waiting for their flights. Babylon Bee had this EXCELLENT piece on this: Airport Revenues Soar After Allowing Travelers To Pay To Turn Off CNN

Anyway… here’s Newsmax with the interview… with the latest episode on fake news CNN

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