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Sunday / June 13.
HomeSummarized NewsCandace Owens will not be silent about the Siege on DC — last summer

Candace Owens will not be silent about the Siege on DC — last summer

  • Candace Owens refuses to be silent about the duplicity in reporting and reactions by Democrats.Hypocrisy hardly covers it.
  • She noted that when Stacey Abrams claimed an election was stolen, she was never once censored.
  • Ms. Owens stated: I will not stay silent regarding this glaring double standard. Rioting, looting, and destroying federal property has been applauded and deemed virtuous for the last 4 years. So what changed?
  • Then she describes the siege on DC over the summer no one will speak about.
  • Later tweeted,”Twitter proved via the U.S election that their censorship policies are not applied evenly. Example: Stacy Abrams claimed an election was stolen from her & was never once censored. Other countries paid attention to the way Democrats were favored, and are rightfully responding.”
  • She wrote: As a D.C resident—our city burned for WEEKS this summer during BLM riots. They destroyed & looted private businesses for WEEKS.
  • What happened at the Capitol last week registered as a 2 on a scale of to 1-BLM. Watching the media pretend otherwise is appalling brainwash.
  • She said, she was so confused when her family kept texting to ask her if she was okay during the Capitol protests and yet didn’t ask over this summer when they were virtually under siege for weeks. Then she realized the power of the mainstream media. The violent BLM siege of DC was simply allowed.

Read the FULL article over at Independent Sentinel by clicking here


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