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Friday / October 22.
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Greg Kelly: This says it all

Greg Kelly: Biden’s military killed the wrong people, the border remains out of control and ‘the elite’ continue to have fun and lecture Americans. “This says it all.” – via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax

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1 month ago

Apology accepted. Now an eye for an eye. Those responsible for this must suffer.
Draw straws, you as swipes. Line up, a Hellfire missile has your name on it.
But it will never happen. But we can dream.

1 month ago

A large number of members of Congress and leadership in the numerous alphabet agencies knowingly commited treason and sedition then performed a not quite bloodless coup d’etat installing a mentally deficient individual as POTUS. Biden was and is obvioulsy mentally deficient, he has had several brain aneuryrisms, do you really believe this has not affected his reasoning and cognitive abilites. “Joe Biden had two brain surgeries to repair brain aneurysms in 1988, one in February and another in May. His neurosurgeon gave Biden less than a 50% chance of making a full recovery.” He can barely string a sentance together nor relay a coherent idea even when reading from a script. It is time to hold a “Convention of States” and utilize the poeples Constitutional rights to redress the illegitimate and destructive “leadership” within the Federal Government of the United States of America. The only other option is to utilize the 2nd Amendment and invoke the Declaration of Independance as template for further action.

First off these three items must be addressed;
(1) term limits for federal officials
(2) fiscal limits on the federal government.
(3) reductions in the size and scope of the federal government.
(4) The federal income tax needs to be abolished and the States should fund the federal government. Then the States can implement the social programs it deems necessary for its citizens and accordingly, those that its citizens are willing to fund.

For conventions formally proposing amendments, Article V prescribes a uniform method of call: When two-thirds of the state legislatures (34) adopt “applications” demanding that Congress call a convention on a particular subject, Congress must call. Its call sets forth the place, time, and state-designated subject matter. When Congress refuses to fulfill this obligation then it is obvious that The Federal government is violating the Constitution (as if it weren’t already obvious) and are no longer legitimate. This gives the people the right and duty to remove by any means necessary the traitors. This is the only way I see that the nation can be saved. Legitimate steps have to be taken prior to any physical actions.

1 month ago

Milley lives like a dog, like a coward and now the world is a much more dangerous place!

Mark M Kozina
Mark M Kozina
1 month ago

General McKenzie needs to immediately resign. He has failed as a leader.

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