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Tuesday / June 28.
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Links from 5/15 – Whatfinger News

Sen. Ron Johnson to AG Garland: Why Is Wisconsin Pro-Life Center Attack Not Domestic Terrorism? -Epoch Times (read for free, see bottm of pop up)

What’s the matter with Pennsylvania? Barnette might win! – Washington Examiner 

Leading Dem Pa. Senate candidate John Fetterman suffers stroke – New York Post

(WATCH) Bill Gates Says People 50 or 60+ Will Need to Get Boosted Every Six Months Until ‘Better Vaccines’ Are Available – We Love Trump

Parents nationwide search for baby formula – ABC News clip at Whatfinger

Sunday Spotlight: Tulsi Gabbard – Granite Grok

The Buffalo Shooter Manifesto Is Just A Wishlist For The AFT To Go After Gun Manufacturers – He’s Listing All The Manufacturers And Parts That You Can Get From Them – Red State Nation

Putting America Last And Biden’s War On Babies – Blue State Conservative

GOP Ponders Election Strategy: Scorched Earth Or MAGA? – Liberty Nation

Not A New Story But One That Needs Repeating – CFP

As Christians Under No Circumstances Can We Do This – Off The Kirb 5 min clip

Abortion Activists Promise ‘Summer Of Rage’ “Bans Off Our Bodies” marches drew thousands across the country. – Liberty Nation

GHOUL: Alex Vindman’s wretched harpy of a wife SHREDDED for using Buffalo shooting in VILE tweet attacking the Right hours after shootingg – Twitchy

Americans being Americans: Positive stories to start your weekk Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Will Cain share headlines to start the week on a positive note. – Fox Vid at Fox

Kamala Harris Rambles Incoherently During Speech Meant to Convince You That She’s Doing Actual Work   Louder With Crowder

Some of the most intriguing tools to better your life. Utility Enhancement. Fast clip at WF Sci-Tech

Amazing fish, maybe you never seen before. Fast clip at Whatfinger

Woke Backfire! Calvin Klein Promotes “Pregnant Man” & Gets Demolished! – The Quartering Vid

Republicans Are Wrong to Blame the Baby Formula Shortage on Illegal Immigrants – Based Politics

Liberal Maggots Blame Tucker Carlson For Mass Shooting In Buffalo – The Lid

SNL takes a flamethrower to Joe Biden in rare BEATDOWN — baby formula shortage, COVID, economic collapse. This is savage Whatfinger Video

Devastating Bird Flu Sends Egg Prices Soaring amid Looming Food Crisis – Neon Nettle

Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg Invested in Artificial Breast Milk Company – Slay News

BEST MORNING EVER. – Tom Brady (fast clips)

Trump Loyalist Stephen Miller Took Biden’s “ULTRA MAGA” and Flipped It On It’s Head – Wayne Dupree

Kamala Harris Makes Absolutely No Sense, Says “Work Together” FIVE Times In 30 Seconds (GOP fast clip – posted on top 5/15)

Humor: How the Actor’s run…. this guy runs like a whole bunch, one after the other… Fast clip

Ukraine Wins Eurovision, of course. No one doubted it, even with a crappy song they would have won. Glory to Ukraine… lol

Ever hear prehistoric music? Archaeologist Dr. Jean-Loup Ringot specialized in prehistoric music plays a lithophone. – Fast clip – General Dispatch

Jesse Watters Praises Revolt against Woke Employees in Corporate America: ‘Find a New Job’ – Slay News

Russian Oligarch Reveals Putin Is ‘Very Ill with Blood Cancer’ in Leaked Audio – Neon Nettle

Clarence Thomas Reminds Us Why The Left Hates The Supreme Court – Liberty Nation

Shocking moment Royal Mail postman KICKED family dog across floor while he was delivering parcel – Daily Mail

Climate’s More Important Than Feeding & Clothing Children – Biden Official – Independent Sentinel

Trump Puts Hollywood on Notice with New ‘Non-Woke’ Streaming Network – Slay News

STREAMING HORROR:  Devastated Buffalo mass shooting victim’s family learned he died in grocery store massacre from ‘shooter’s Twitch vid’ – The Sun

ARE PUTIN AND XI GRAY CHAMPIONS? – Burning Platform (from 5/14 posted 5/15)

The Cold Hard Truth About Truth Social And A Much Better Alternative – Doc’s FidoSysop MAGA Archive

Dems go for it after buffalo shooting – demand crackdown on 2A, Social Media – Breitbart

Finland, Sweden to meet with Turkey over NATO – Hot Air

Worse Than the MAGA Crowd :: By Daymond Duck – Rapture Ready

“Help Can’t Come Soon Enough” As Biden’s Formula Crisis Worsens

Professor Openly Admits Truth About Critical Race Theory And Why It’s Being Covertly Used

NSA Awards $10B Contract to Amazon, details withheld for ‘national security’

Clarence Thomas Drops TRUTH BOMB On Shift in Leftist Universities

Rep. Jordan: ‘Scary’ FBI targeted parents via terrorism tools, according to whistleblowers

WNBA FALSELY says Pay Inequity is why Brittney Griner was arrested and DEMAND Biden and Harris help!

How Many Windows Will This Guy Shatter To Get His Point Across?

Top 10 Movies Banned ONLY in America

NSA Awards $10B Contract to Amazon, details withheld for ‘national security’

Biden’s FDA Commissioner Claims There Is No Baby Formula Shortage, Just A “Distribution Problem”

Woke Mike Florio LOSES IT and says NFL should PRESSURE Fox News into FIRING TUCKER CARLSON!

Russel Brand: It’s All Coming Out

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