News links rotated away from Whatfinger’s homepage on 5/10/2022 – Whatfinger News' General Dispatch
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Friday / July 1.
HomeNewsNews links rotated away from Whatfinger’s homepage on 5/10/2022

News links rotated away from Whatfinger’s homepage on 5/10/2022

MLB TV Ratings TANK! Mets Coach Says Rob Manfred & MLB JUICE BALLS for National TV Games! – Black & White Sports Vid

Newsmax And Trump Make History And Humiliate CNN After Trump Rally Gets More Viewers That CNN Primetime – Slay News

Why Eating Leftover Rice Can Actually Be Dangerous For You – Mashed Vid

Are You Being Spied on During Vacation? – Inside Edition fast clip

Taco Bell Launches ‘Drag Brunch’ Events at Locations across America – Neon Nettle

ICYMI: Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Creating A Day To Honor The ‘Victims Of Communism’ – Forbes Vid

Biden: I Know You Are Frustrated with Inflation, Congress, But Don’t Blame Me, It’s MAGA Republicans’ Fault – Grabien Video

Rioters Burn Sri Lanka Leaders’ Homes Amid Economic Crisis – National File

Ex-Twitter Chief Jack Dorsey NOW Says Donald Trump Should Be Back On The Twitter Platform – Wayne Dupree

If Mitch Thought He’d Be Senate Leader, What He Just Said Sealed His Fate…He’s MUST Go – Wayne Dupree

Dave Chappelle’s Lawyer Slams Soros’ Prosecutor for Not Charging Attacker with Felony – Neon Nettle

Disingenuous NYT Editorial Board Says Interracial Marriage On Chopping Block

Are There Any?’: Fox Reporter Corners Psaki Over Biden Claim That GOP ‘Majority’ Support Rick Scott’s Plan (They Don’t) – Daily Wire

MAGA Test in West Virginia, Establishment David McKinley vs Trump-Backed Alex Mooney – Last Refuge

This 21st-century Wyatt Earp was sitting on his front porch in Israel when a man charged his family with a knife. He grabbed his M16, shot the lunatic, then said he’s “waiting for the next terrorist” 😤

Electric car fail: More than 25% of charging stations in deep blue region do not work – WND

Putin Has A Problem: Ukraine Is Getting More Switchblade Drones – 19 Forty Five

Ambulance Takes Woman to Local Hospital After Abortion Clinic Injures Her in Botched Abortion – Life News

Powerful: Abortion Supporters Change Minds After Shown Gruesome Abortion Procedures – Infowars

Former Haitian Senator Charged in President’s Assassination – Timcast

Bombshell: NIH Hid Fauci & Other’s $350 Million In “Royalty” Payments From Big Pharma – Washington Standard

‘This Was Only A Warning’ Radical Left-Wing Group Reportedly Takes Credit For Molotov Cocktail Attack Against Pro-Lifers – Tampa Free Press

As First US City Is Surveilled By DHS & Chinese Drone Company, China Sends Swarm Of Autonomous Drones Through Forest To Hunt Humans (Video) – Washington Standard

Don Bacon Wins Nebraska Congressional GOP Primary – Epoch Times (Newbies – read for free, click last button under the orange button without signing up)

Insane Clown and Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz Wants “Trustworthy People” Like Herself to be Able to Add Context to Other People’s Tweets – Gateway Pundit

My triple D boobs wouldn’t stop growing and I couldn’t breathe – New York Post

Biden Announced His Plan to Curb Inflation — Blame Everyone Else – Ind. Sentinel

Naomi Wolf on China, WHO, and Bill Gates: “There Has Been an Attack on the American Homeland” – Freedom First Network

Psaki boils with rage, SNAPS into volcano eruption over “Ultra MAGA” – Benny Johnson titled clip at Whatfinger

DOJ silent on abortion protests at justices’ homes despite federal law prohibiting ‘pickets’ to influence case – Fox News

Actual Insurrection: Chicago Mayor Urges ‘Call To Arms’ Over Supreme Court – ZeroHedge

Biden’s brain SNAPS in half, embarrassingly bumbles through speech: “If you got that, you’re way ahead of me” – Benny posted the clip – Whatfinger News

Episode 1,845 – Dark Horse On The Ground In Ohio; Georgia Is The Battlefield – War Room Episode

Americans are FED-UP with Brandon’s RECORD-HIGH Price Hike at the pump: “It’s ridiculous. We need help!”  Fast clip 

‘Jeopardy!’ fans angry after Ken Jennings reveals Mayim Bialik as host – New York Post

Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB2 Drones Could Soon Be Even Deadlier – 19 Forty Five

Episode 1,841 – The Viper Esper Admits Coup Plot; Victories Across State Of Texas – War Room Video

An Updated Opinion On 2000 Mules [from Noah] – We Love Trump

California to become the first “abortion tourism” state, luring pregnant women to the state with funds for airfare, lodging, meals – Natural News

CORRUPTION?: Law bans attempts to ‘influence’ Supremes, but DOJ silent on near-riots at justices’ homes – WND

Another Fake Racist Incident: Who wants to bet? – Sgt Pat: Investigation Launched at Stanford U. After Noose is Found on Campus – Legal Insurrection

Gas Prices In The US Have Just Hit An All-Time High… 😑 – Not The Bee

Breaking: Musk Gives Trump The Twitter Go Ahead – Liberty Nation

College Student BOOTED for Rejecting Booster, Even After Serious Side Effects – Big League Politics

Democrats Use Black America To Attack Free Speech – Liberty Nation

University Asks Professors to Sign ‘Diversity’ Pledge, Promise Not to Insensitively Oppose Students’ Views – Red State

Biden signs Lend-Lease Act to speed weapons delivery to Ukraine – American Military News

Biden Built Back Better: Taliban Fanatics Don’t Want Women to Go Outside – Ind. Sentinel

ICYMI: DeSantis Signs Classroom Bill Recognizing All ‘Victims Of Communism’ – DC Enquirer

Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Fights Back – Trending Politics

Hollywood Election Fraud Suspicions, 104 Ballots Found In A Box By A Woman Walking Her Dog – Red Voice Media


China’s Military: More Than A Match For America? – 19 Forty Five

Oh Where Oh Where is the Russian Navy Frigate Admiral Makarov? – CFP

Did Mayor of Chicago Just Declare a “Call to Arms” About Supreme Court Abortion Ruling? – We Love Trump

Severe weather threatens Texas as fire danger continues in Southwest – Fox News

Opinion: Bill Gates wants to build a dystopia – Burning Platform

Radical Leftists Hold Threatening Protests Outside Justice Samuel Alito’s Home: “F— You Alito” – Life News

GROOMER ALERT: Tyra Banks Exploits “Drag Kids” with New Show | Chad Prather Vid

The Absolute Best Wings In The U.S. (Mashed Vid)

Greg Kelly: It’s Joe’s fault, but they won’t mention it – newsmax Vid

Community: LA Cops Arrest Robbery Victim After He Called Thieves “Black Bastards” – Salty Cracker Vid (Language Warning)

Journalists RAGE After Wordle SHUTS DOWN Hope That The App Would Push Politics On Players – The Quartering Vid

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