News links rotated from Whatfinger’s homepage on 5/12/2022 – Whatfinger News' General Dispatch
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Saturday / June 25.
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News links rotated from Whatfinger’s homepage on 5/12/2022

Fast clip: This New Mom Says Shelves Are Just “Empty” As Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis Continues – Biden Admin is doing it on purpose! Giving it all to illegals. Democrats ALWAYS hurt Americans…

Fast clip: Arizona border sheriff says the illegal immigrants crossing the border now are “aggressive” and “told by the cartels to fight.”

ICYMI: Democrat Senate candidate Tim Ryan was just asked twice if he wants Joe Biden to campaign with him in Ohio. – Fast clip at Whatfinger

Fast clip: Parents like Brian in New York are “desperate” for formula as Biden’s baby formula shortage worsens.

Joe Biden might be leading us to near apocalyptic gas prices. – MRC Clip

Every UNHINGED Biden ramble and aneurysm will make you wonder how Joe Brandon even got CLOSE to the Oval Office… Fast clip – Whatfinger News

You need two-factor authentication or 2FA to protect your online accounts. – Wall Street Journal Fast clip

The US Anti-War Left is Dead. The Squad’s $40b War Vote Just Killed It. 

Fusion GPS must hand over docs to Durham, but he can’t use them at trial – Washington Examiner

Lesbian couple says vandalism of their ‘Little Queer Library’ feels like ‘censorship’ and hatred – The Blaze

Dems Will Pass Price Control for Alleged Oil and Gas Gouging – Independent Sentinel

Sean Hannity Drops Hammer on Biden over Inflation: ‘This Is an Extremely Dangerous Period in Our Country’ – Slay News

The Pfizer Clinical Trial: Is There Evidence of Fraud? – Uncover DC

Illegal Migrants Get “Pallets” Of Baby Formula Amid Shortage – Big League Politics

Elon Musk under Investigation by Biden’s SEC over Twitter Purchase – Neon Nettle

Microsoft pledges abortion and gender transition benefits for employees and their dependents – The Blaze


Nina Jankowicz aka “Scary Poppins” Wants The Power To Edit Your Tweets -And Then Send You To Jail – And Magazine

Nigeria: Muslims murder 29 Christians, including at least two children – Robert Spencer

The Fed Is a TOOL for Globalists to Launch The Great Reset – Newswars

PETA Attacks Elon Musk for Enjoying This Popular Snack – DC Enquirer

The RETURN of the GREAT MAGA KING! – Conservative Choice Campaign

Journalist Goes Undercover in “Far Right” Group – Gets Attacked By Antifa! – Salty Cracker Vid

Trump spying case: Court orders FBI to provide details about officials involved – Republic Brief

Exposing AG Garland’s SUPREME Hypocrisy – The Blaze

Americans ‘Pay More To Starve’ While Biden Regime Pushes Multiple Policies That All End In Death Of Americans – They Still Claim The ‘Depopulation Agenda’ Is A Conspiracy Theory – NWO Report

Traits of Psychopathic Leftist Globalists – Creating, Then Using Crisis to Transform The World to Their Will – Right Wire Report

Hey, PA GOP, Something’s Not Right with Kathy Barnette – a Plant? – Independent Sentinel

With Democrats Using COVID To Set Up Their ‘Mid-Term Election Steal’, They NEED A ‘Ministry’ To Spread ‘Disinformation’ While Pushing America Deeper Into Dangerous Territory – All News Pipeline

Former Bill Clinton Advisor With Ties To Jeffrey Epstein Dies Aged 59 – Truth Tent

Nearly Every Facet of This “Pandemic” is Created, Spread, and Made More Deadly by The People Who Claim They Are “Experts” – The Expose

What could be causing the mysterious rise in deadly Hepatitis cases among Children? – The Expose

Many Ways Google Threatens Everyone – Activist Post (from 5/11 posted 5/12)

Woman On Train Sprays 70-Year-Old Man With Liquid, Sets Him On Fire – Liberty Unyielding

United States passes one million Covid deaths – BBC News Vid at Whatfinger News

Russian soldiers caught on camera killing Ukrainian civilians (Posted on top) BBC Vid

Judge Throws Out Jan. 6 Plea Deal

From 2000 Mules to inflation, counting the ways Biden is destroying America – CDN

America-Last Republican Attacks America-First Conservative – Big League Politics

THE GOOD OLD DAYS… – Burning Platform

Community: Biden admin cancels massive oil and gas lease sale – Bunkerville

GOP Rep. Jordan Says Trump Was Correct When He Slammed Clinton Campaign Operatives – Conservative Brief

“The Great MAGA King”: Brandon’s Attempt To Mock Trump Fails MISERABLY (VIDEO) – Blue State Conservative

Ukraine Today – Photos And Facts. The latest news and pictures from the Ukrainian front. – Liberty Nation

Hey Representatives, We Already Know The Crimes Of Which They Are Guilty – Where Is The Prosecution? (Video) – Washington Standard

Liberals Saw Something Else Happening In Senate’s Rejection Of Abortion Bill – Tampa Free Press

Fast clip: Humble Hero Saves Young Mom From Kidnap Attempt

Fast Clip: The Last Thing You Expect On A Traffic Stop

As Gas Prices Set New Records, Biden Nukes More Oil And Gas Projects – Federalist

Fast clip: Pedestrians, we have something very different for you. – GiGadgets

Editor’s Pick: Free Beacon on Media Overstating Support for Abortion – Newsbusters

Fast clip: This man shows how you can turn your old bicycle wheel into a generator.

ANOTHER Bill Clinton Associate Who Let Jeffrey Epstein Into the White House 7 Times Mysteriously Dies – We Love Trump

UN Grocery List: Bread, Milk, Grubs, Beetles, Maggots – Organic Prepper

ICYMI: Biden Completely Goes Into RAGE At Convention – We Love Trump

Gas Prices Set Record High: ‘They’re Doing This ON PURPOSE,’ Rep. Says After Biden Cancels Oil and Gas Leases – CNS News

AP Suggests Elon Musk is a Hypocrite For Supporting Free Speech But Using it to “Attack” His Critics – Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News 

The RETURN of the GREAT MAGA KING! – Conservative Choice Campaign

Why Overturning Roe May Help Republicans A Lot More Than It Helps Democrats – Federalist

Report: Safe smoking kits include free crack pipes — and here’s the proof – The Blaze

As Gas Prices Set New Records, Biden Nukes More Oil And Gas Projects – Federalist

Most Democrats Find Protests Outside Justice’s Homes Unacceptable – Independent Sentinel

Top US scientist warned Chinese counterparts of possible probes into the Wuhan Lab. One year later, he took a job at a Chinese university – BPR

The crypto bubble bursts… but is it a sign of a stock market crash to come? Digital investors lose fortunes as Ethereum loses 20% of its value in 24 hours, Luna drops NINETY-EIGHT per cent and Coinbase warns customers may lose ALL their money – Daily Mail

USAA giving away 100 cars to military families for 100th anniversary – American Military News

‘Having trouble feeding your infant? HA HA HA’: Amy Siskind mocking everyday Americans who can’t find baby formula goes OH so very wrong – Twitchy

America’s Inflation Crisis Becomes Depressing In April – Liberty Nation

Tucker Carlson Reveals Canada Is Paying To Kill Poor People To ‘Slow The Spread’ Of Poverty (VIDEOS) – Red Voice Media

Abortion Clinic Forced to Pay Family $900,000 After Killing Woman in Botched Abortion – Life News

Watch: This reporter went to 8 stores in 2 cities to see if the baby formula shortage is as bad as everyone says – Not The Bee

Mortgage Rates for May 12, 2022: Rates Climb – CNET

America Without Roe: Abortion Laws Across The States – Part III – Liberty Nation

So Much for the Rule of Law – New American Prophet

Better late than never: Garland orders US Marshals to protect SCOTUS justices as conference begins – Hot Air

Imagine the Unimaginable – Victor Davis Hanson – PJ Media

The Anti-Israel Politicisation of the US Academy: The Next Phase is Happening at California and Illinois – Fathom

Morning Update! PPI Final Demand Prices UP 11% YoY, 10Y Treasury Yield DOWN -7.2 BPS, Europe DOWN > -10 BPS, NASDAQ Down 2%, Mortgage Rates UP To 5.57% – Confounded Interest

Biden’s New Plan is to Attack President Trump By Giving Him REALLY COOL Nicknames – Wayne Dupree

Why is MAGA Lashing Out Against Sean Hannity Right Now? – Wayne Dupree

By Golly, We’re Living in a Perfect Storm – Granite Grok

Ashley Judd Reveals How Mom Naomi Committed Suicide Today On ABC: “She used a weapon” – Slay News

Myocarditis Up 2800%: Army Veteran Pam Long Lists Alarming Numbers From the DMED Data Base [VIDEO] – Red Voice Media

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Will Spend $125 Million to Kill More Babies in Abortions – Life News

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