Trump Causes TWITTER MELTDOWN With A Single Word! This Is Why He’s THE GREATEST To Ever Do it. – Whatfinger News' General Dispatch
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Thursday / August 11.
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Trump Causes TWITTER MELTDOWN With A Single Word! This Is Why He’s THE GREATEST To Ever Do it.

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  • Not gay, but I have in my lifetime met and befriended gay men and I’m
    here to tell you that I have NEVER met a gay man who wasn’t helpful.
    These men can go into a decaying city or town filled with blight and
    transform them into clean, thriving, civil, and lawful communities
    FOR ALL. God bless them and fellow patriot, Brandon Straka.


  • I am virulently anti socialist no matter what its degree. Be it any collectivist paradigm whether it is communist, Democrat Party or any other -ism. -ist, or -ic attached to any political/societal/cultural ideological system thta was invented in some evil person’s malignant imagination. The only social/cultural order I accept is pure unadulterated, and PEACEFUL by its nature, LAISSEZ FAIRE CAPITALISM which is the natural order of peaceful people associating for their own selfish benefit. It is a direct and inherent outgrowth of the peaceful nature of human beings acting together for their mutual benefit. Any other -ism, ist, or -ic ideology is imaginatively engineered and not an outgrowth from the natural order as CAPITALISM has proven to be.

    Any government not based on mala in se natural/common law is a contrived system engineered to control, by direct use of force or some form of compulsion, the everyday conduct of peaceful persons economically and socially. A government can use a police or military state to control its inhabitants or it can assemble a court system developed by lawyers and judges to monopolize a contrived mala prohibitum system of statutes for their own benefit to control indivdual conduct without regard for the protections inherent in the mala in se natural and common law. The court system of the united States of America and their central government, the United States, is a model of this form of the criminal lawyer/attorney legal monopoly enforced and interpreted by judges using mala prohibitum statutory edicts parading under the color of law.

    There are two personality types in the world, those peaceful human beings who want to be left alone and those human beings or, social engineers such as Marx, Hitler and Lenin, who can’t leave peaceful order alone and have to mold it to fit their contrived paradigm through force and fraud. Only one economic system can exist peacefully without forceful intervention to enable and sustain it, LAISSEZ FAIRE CAPITALISM, the peaceful reality of the evolution of human economic activity and social order.

    I am a CAPITALIST because it is the result of the natural evolution of peaceful men, women and other PEACEFUL human beings interacting in a social/cultural milieu sans the use of force except for protection against crime or invasion.

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