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Sunday / May 22.
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13-year-old Conservative on being censored – Wake Up America

People all over America are rising up now. Finally the Marxist threat is all too evident to us all. The Left let us all see who they are and what they are trying in classrooms all across this nation. The more we see what is going on, the more parents revolt. Which, by the way, is why they are now trying to hide their racist CRT (Critical Race theory) in other names.

Here is one young lady who has a bright future in politics, I think.  Bravo!  Parents, step up even more now and fight for our children. The racist teachings of the Democrats are child abuse, plain and simple.

Years  from now, this young lady will have children and grandchildren who will look back at such videos and realize how close this nation was to tyranny, which the Democrats are trying right before our eyes.  And it was their Mother and Grandmother and others like her all over America who said ENOUGH!

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