CNN Becomes EMBARRASSINGLY Involved as Hutchinson Legal Team – Whatfinger News' General Dispatch
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Wednesday / August 17.
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CNN Becomes EMBARRASSINGLY Involved as Hutchinson Legal Team

What happened to the story we were told that CNN would become LESS involved in pushing partisan politics and more involved in delivering straight news? Apparently they have laughably RELAPSED to their standard ways of pushing the Democrat agenda. This is perfectly illustrated by the DEBUNKED testimony that Cassidy Hutchinson delivered to the January 6 Committee. First we find out that it was CNN commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin who ADMITTED that she put Hutchinson in touch with Liz Cheney about “new” explosive testimony that Hutchinson somehow forgot to mention to the committee before. The other CNN embarrassment is that they are now running cover for Hutchinson by declaring that UNNAMED SOURCES in the Secret Service back up her fable about lunging at the steering wheel and grabbing the clavicles of a Secret Service agent. Mind you this is SECOND HAND hearsay from UNNAMED sources as contrasted with NAMED FIRST HAND sources in the Secret Service who contradict Hutchinson’s fable. It is just amazing that CNN has gotten so INVOLVED in the Hutchinson fable. Remember, it is supposed to be a NEWS organization so why so INVOLVED in pushing such an obvious Democrat agenda?

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