James Woods: KamalaHarris is a bald-faced liar. Here is the video proof. (She was destroyed tonight!) 2nd clip Pence hits her hard! – Whatfinger News' General Dispatch
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Wednesday / August 17.
HomePolitics USAJames Woods: KamalaHarris is a bald-faced liar. Here is the video proof. (She was destroyed tonight!) 2nd clip Pence hits her hard!

James Woods: KamalaHarris is a bald-faced liar. Here is the video proof. (She was destroyed tonight!) 2nd clip Pence hits her hard!

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  • Another blatenly bias so called “moderator” … … what the HELL is wrong with this country where we CANNOT GIVE AN EVEN playing field for the debates? It saddens my heart at the obvious bias.

  • Watched some of the debate until, again!, it was obvious that the corrupt media cannot do a simple format like a debate without bias. Pence made a fool of Harris time and again at every turn while I watched. It is sadly apparent she does her best work in bed on her back or knees. That’s how she’s gotten everything else she’s “achieved”. Even her makeup tonight was a darker shade to help bring out the “woman of color” crutch the sad democrats are using.

    • Her birth certificate lists her as “Caucasian”. Funny that, her being descendant from a family of slavers, very rich and successful slavers too.
      Why isn’t that brought up? Where are the little rich kids of antifa? Where’s blm?

      • If these people take over, America is over.

  • It is the only way for these communists parading as Democrats. They have it ingrained into their DNA now….lying, cheating, deceiving, manipulating, subverting, projecting, theiving, stealing…….they cannot help themselves. They’ve become rabid, can no longer even recognize fact nor truth. They suffer from cognitive dissonance. Whatch them closely, its in their eyes. They know the truth deep inside but have to project lies and live that life of lies. It will all coalesce and come crashing down around them one day, hopefully before they destroy your life.

    • If these people take over, America is over.

  • Once again the odds were stacked against the trump/Pence debate, BUT……just as with POTUS, Vp- the silver Fox Badass Mikey P, knocked it out of the park!
    His cool manner seemed to show just how fake and utterly dishonest the commie, race baiting, heels up, criminal wanna be president Harris is.
    Well done VP Pence.
    I know it’s asking a lot, but how about a fair chairperson next time? …Yeah riiiiiiight..
    What about law and order?
    AND how about how allof a sudden the Demoncrats have reversed almost every position the had a couple of weeks ago and are now mirroring the Trump ticket points?
    Bloody plagaristic,obvious lack of integrity, ideas & a landslide like never before will be their wages of doom..

    Just FYI, the metaphor is not BALD-faced lie. Face refers to a typeface. You know those things that make letters in words look different.
    There is no BALD typeface in any font collection on this planet.
    BUT – EVERY FONT SET has a BOLD option for each typeface.
    A BOLD-FACED lie …
    is one that STANDS OUT, in BOLD LETTERS.
    Something this comment editor has neglected to include.

    • Sorry, try again. Woods has it right. Maybe he is just better read?

    • Hey Omanotaguru,

      Perhaps a smidgeon of research could have informed your comment, somewhat. The idiom ‘bald-faced lie’, was actually a progression from a much older one: ‘bareface lie’. Both meaning the falsehood to be so blatantly obvious and audacious there is just no hiding or disguising it. The allusion being, of course, beards or face coverings concealing/veiling ones face. Usage of both pretty much predates the advent of typeface, and can be found, in various forms, throughout quite a range of pre-Gutenberg published documents.

      “Bold-face lie”, is indeed a much more recent metaphor for them, and they are now generally used interchangeably.


    • You might try your local dictionary, if you own one.


  • Just reading the comments here, and other places, makes me happy that I didn’t watch this ‘debate’. I would’ve had to look for a new TV after not too very long of the apparent lying from the Kameltoe.
    The left only knows one way of operating, deception. Cuz they have nothing else to run on. Its all they have. If they tell the truth, they are done. Forever.
    HRC came very close to exposing the whole shebang when she said, on election night, “if Trump wins, we’ll all hang”. Or something like that. That simple statement totally cinched the whole deal for me. Finally. Of course, I was never a fan of the Clintons, always found them to be slimy. History has proven my instincts to be accurate. Clever grifters, but slimy to the core.
    The rest of the lefties are just the same, no difference. God help us all if they get anywhere close to the reins of government ever again. All of them.
    MAGA2020. Vote RED(Remove Every Democrat) on Nov. 3rd.
    Just sayin’.

  • Iā€™m so turned off by Harris and her condescending smirk and head shaking. She is arrogant and pompous. I wouldnā€™t vote for her if she was the only person running. Pence is serious and comes across as the adult in the room.

  • My wife and I watched the debate about half way through my wife said she is a bitch.I could not agree more and for my wife to say something like that just proves Ma Harris is not at all likeable.If I had to live with a liar and a bitch like her I would either hit the road or be arrested for wife abuse.Pence wiped the floor with her like she was a pile of dog doo .Pence came across as cool thoughtful and a calm person while she acted like she thought he was way below her she be Senator yall know and the way she went on about Joe this and Joe that was just disgusting when back when the dirty dozen dem/communists were debating she called him every thing from racist to baby killer.Now they are best buds I find that hard to swallow.

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