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Wednesday / August 17.
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Laughably Fake “Patriot Front” March On Washington

Nothing screams authenticity like wearing identical federal khaki trousers neatly tucked into booties while also carrying identical fashionably fascistic shields. However, the big tell that the “Patriot Front” march on Washington on Saturday was so obviously fake was they were all wearing face masks. When have you ever seen a legitimate protest against the government in the past year when even more than a few of the protestors were wearing masks? At least the masks kept them from being identified so it is possible that Ray Epps could have participated incognito. There were about 100 marchers which means that up to 120 of them could have been undercover feds. Was this a Lincoln Project operation? Probably not since the number of people and props involved including the U-Haul rental costs made it much too expensive for that group of notorious grifters who don’t easily spend money that doesn’t go into their greedy pockets.. It’s more like the FBI spending their end of year “use-it-or-lose-it” budget and could care less about making it seem at least slightly credible. Those ominous sounds of a Storm Trooper drummer boy just didn’t cut it. We can get a sense of how many (all?) of the marchers were undercover feds by asking FBI Director Chris Wray if there were FBI undercover in that march. The amount of typical evasiveness and fidgeting while he answers that question can probably give you a good indication of the extent of undercover involvement. So what was the real purpose of this march? Probably the pathetic attempt by government leftists to link legitimate protests such as those at school board meetings to the dopey over-propped clowns at this march playing the part of lookeee-me fascists. Unfortunately for the organizers of this march, it came off as so laughably fake that even the liberal networks were too embarrassed to cover this obviously staged event.

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