Republican Maryland counties want to secede – Whatfinger News' General Dispatch
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Friday / July 1.
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Republican Maryland counties want to secede

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice explained West Virginia would welcome the counties wanting to leave Maryland.

More news and commentary posted today….


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  • Good Ruck to ewe

  • I’m sure Maryland’s Eastern Shore counties would also like to go.

  • In the meantime, while all the complaining goes on these illegals are invading our Southern and State Borders and nothing is being done about it except putting them on the back of the taxpayers.
    Why aren’t the governors mobilizing the National Guard to prevent and deny entry to all these illegals?
    Are the governors that SPINELESS to stand up to Washington DC like Florida is doing?
    It’s obvious that they are!

  • I wouldn’t ask. I would say we’re leaving

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