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Friday / July 1.
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The Left is doing this on purpose.

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  • all that verbal vomit and absolutely nothing of substance said…

  • No sweetie, they are NOT in tune with themselves. Today’s young people are so confused from their indoctrination in the public school system that they become who they think the leftist/communist society wants them to be.

  • Since when is mass confusion actually a good thing? You are a teacher and you are as lost as your students.

  • For the record: I don’t care what confused people demand. I will never accept todays political correctness. I will never take a gene therapy shot. I will be defiant to the end. So take that attitude and stick it were the sun doesn’t shine. FJB

    • Hear, hear!

  • Tell it to the Chinese communists and Muslims.
    Because you will be, sooner or later..

  • Idiot teacher with receding hairline.

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